In the woods – kind of

28 Jun

We just recently got back from vacation.  Theoretically, it was a vacation in the woods, but it was so hot, we spent a lot of time inside looking out at the woods.



IMG_0814 IMG_0826 IMG_0827

IMG_0776 IMG_0781IMG_0770

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Three More Months

24 Mar

We have at least another three months with our little man!

Elephant Toy

Catching up. . .

2 Feb

Just some random photos that I’ve been meaning to post. . . There’s a photo somewhere of quiche that’s supposed to accompany this first one. . . Halfway through last month, I had a whole weekend of impressive breakfasts.


Then, yesterday, I didn’t get around to making lunch. . . but I made a berry jam!


Then, today, I’m at home – feeling not so great – so I took advantage of this day at home to wash a batch of cloth diapers.  They need to be washed a few times before you use them. . . I imagine it’s more fun washing these cute diapers when they’re clean going in the wash, and cloth diapering is something that you want to do, in theory.  :-)  We’ll see how it goes if and when we get a little one that’s still wearing diapers.


In case you wanted to know all of my personal business

22 Dec

So, I’m going to come right out and admit that anyone reading this who expects a Christmas card from me. . . don’t hold your breath!  Think of it as a Christmas themed New Year’s card, and you’ll probably be on the right track.

I’m going to use this as my excuse – even if the truth is that I haven’t finished writing them out yet.

truck 2

Umm, in case you’re concerned, we’re all okay. . . but, you know, the Christmas cards. . . late.  Ha.

Second, I have had THE WORST COLD for several days – which isn’t incredibly relevant. . . But, because of the worst cold like ever. . . (We’ve been making fun lately of people who say something is the most fill in the blank like EVER!)  So, it was the worst cold LIKE EVER, but I still wanted to turn on my Christmas lights last night, and we must be the last family on Earth who don’t have our lights on a timer, so I almost didn’t turn them on, but then I decided that my impending pneumonia wasn’t as important as having Christmas lights on, so I went outside, and I found a package on my porch!  It had sat outside all day without being stolen from marauding thieves!  I was so excited to see that it was from Pineville and Santa Claus sized!!  Look who’s joined the party, courtesy of my Parrain!


Don’t you think that Santa sort of looks like my Uncle Phil?


It also contained a pendant designed by my cousin, Kristyn.  I couldn’t stop thinking of her a couple of days ago, and now I wonder if that happened to be when my package was getting boxed up.  Everyone knows that Christmas isn’t really about the presents, but I got tears in my eyes when I opened that box up.

And finally, a craft. . . this is actually a gift for Alex’s mom.  She had these embroidered napkins that she wanted converted into pillowcases.  I am quite happy with how they came out.


Horsing Around

15 Dec

Things were going okay until I. . . umm. . . accidentally let one of the horses out onto a busy highway. . . but we’re okay. . . everyone (and every horse) survived.

IMGP1354 IMGP1362


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