A relic from the past

28 Nov

So, I lost my Thanksgiving decorations a few years ago. Tonight, I found them right beside my sewing machine. Coincidentally, our bundle of joy is a few years old. . . I wonder if there’s any correlation.

Seriously. . .

19 Jun

Croissants made by me. . . with a toddler running around the house, screaming like a banshee. . .  They’re so beautiful and yummy, looking at the picture brings tears to my eyes. .  .


It never ends

23 Mar

On my way home from another court date, I realized that times have changed. At the beginning of the fostering process, friends and family waited with baited breath to know how court went. Now that our case is in the adoption department, they don’t generally ask how things are going, and because things really are going okay, I don’t talk about it much. . . but I still trek to court every few months, we still have two or three workers stop by our house each month, we still shuffle papers, plan medical appointments so we can get forms filled out, and take continuing education classes. . . Sometimes it feels like no big deal.  We are coasting towards an adoption date. But sometimes, I am just in awe about how long the process takes. All for the pleasure of having someone wake me at five every morning and throw tantrums when his shorts don’t have pockets. I wouldn’t change a thing. Well, it would be nice if things went quicker, but our stinker makes it all worthwhile.



28 Feb


The best dinners start with roux

15 Jan