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Les photos de ma maison et mon jardin

26 Aug





Outside – You Capture

26 Aug

Coincidentally, I’ve been taking lots of pictures outside this week – fortunately. . . since I forgot to pay attention to what this week’s theme was. So, here is a story in photos of my weekend of toil.

We decided that the Crepe Myrtles needed trimming:

Then we found a nest. . . couldn’t trim that branch!

I also documented the life and death of a mushroom. . .

See more outside photos on You Capture:

You Capture – In the Kitchen

20 Aug

We’ve had a crazy time of it this week.  My computer’s all wonky, and I *gasp* almost forgot to take a break and post this.  If you knew my family, you would not be surprised that we started playing keep away with a balloon in my mom and dad’s kitchen in the midst of a family bbq.  After all, it’s too hot to play outside, so why NOT right in front of the stove?  Check out more kitchen photos at You Capture. . .


Everyday Things – Day Seven

13 Aug

Thus ends a fun week of the everyday. . .  In some ways, it’s been easier than usual, but I have to say, towards the end of this week, I was tired of taking pictures of things that seemed hum drum to me – and were things that would be relatable, to some extent, to all of you (all two people who come to look).  And, I KNOW that the theme wasn’t hum drum, but I sort of TRIED to find things that were dull or that we don’t look at as anything worthy of a picture, and see where my imagination led me.  (I even almost took a picture of the trash in the trash can at Walgreens, but people were watching.)  For some reason, today I really thought that I was going to post a picture of a train.  Earlier today, I had conversations with two different toddlers about two different trains passing by – both kids started talking to me in stores as I was trying to shop.  Then, when I was at said Walgreens, contemplating the trash can, yet ANOTHER train passed by.  I snapped a couple of pictures, but as I was loading them onto my computer, I noticed some other photos that I took yesterday afternoon. . .  You see, I was sitting here at my desk on my break and working on my idea for a wholecloth quilt.  So excited that I finally had an idea worked out, I took a picture of what I had, so I can keep track of the progress of the project.  When I saw it today, I realized that is the most everyday picture that I’ve taken all week.  I’m always coming up with ridiculously difficult projects that are WAY above my skill level. . . so, the last of my everyday pictures is yet another “quilting” photo. . . Some day soon, I’m going to iron out the white fabric sitting in my craft room and get busy trying to recreate this weird old bird. . .


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Everyday Things – Day Six

11 Aug

My non-existent tonsils feel swollen. . .