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You Capture – Autumn

28 Oct

This is how you know it’s fall. . . the crops are in, and you can now sell your tractor. 

Check out more photos of fall on Beth’s blog. . .



The fields close to town. . .

27 Oct

In a way, it’s sort of funny. . . I grew up on a rice farm, and I’ve now managed photos of cotton fields and sugar cane fields. . . but still no rice fields.

The indignity of a sink bath

25 Oct

You Caputre – Orange

21 Oct

In South Louisiana, there’s not much orange to be seen on the trees yet. . .

As ready as I am for Christmas, things are still growing here. . .

Check out Beth’s blog to see other orange photos. . . maybe someone is celebrating Autumn in other parts of the world.


Home for the Holidays

18 Oct

It’s no secret to those who know and love me that I absolutely LOVE Christmas. . . with a passion that knows no bounds.  There have been years during which celebration of the upcoming yuletide began shortly after Mardi Gras and before Easter.  I haven’t gotten started quite that early this year, but seeing the huge blow up snow globes at Lowe’s got me thinking that it’s just about time now to brew up some mulled cider and haul out old Bing. . . .  And, instead of putting away these new holiday decorations for the next month, maybe I should just find a happy home for them, and start the decorating early!