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I ate this. . . or I made this. . .

29 Nov

This week’s You Capture theme is I ate this. . . but this week, I’d rather not think about what I ate. . . so these are some I made this pictures. . . courtesy of Alex. . . only he doesn’t know that I’m putting them up unedited, so let’s not burst his bubble. . .



For other more You Capture photos. . .


Because the holidays aren’t busy enough

24 Nov

I decided to crochet some ornaments.  I have to say, I’m a bit impressed with my skills. . . I have crochet skills! Now, that’s something to brag about. . .


And, just to be a show off, I did a second (and had time to photograph it) on my morning break.  The original design for this one came from Meet Me at Mikes


*Update*  One of these has succesfully made it to the tree.  I hadn’t realized before that my house is a hook free zone.  Where do all of the Christmas hooks go when you aren’t looking?

Winter is here

20 Nov

It is officially cold enough to convince me (a lackadaisical gardener at best) to move my potted plants indoors!

Inspiration or lack thereof

18 Nov

Apparently, I’m only posting on Thursdays now, and hardly even that.  This week’s You Capture theme was something like inspiration or what inspires you. . . something.  And, well, I just wasn’t in the picture taking mood this week, and nothing REALLY grabbed my attention (or inspired me) which I guess can be considered irony or just poor bad luck.  So, today’s pictures are. . . surprise. . . my neighbor’s cows and the fruit on the windowsill.  These are the only two things which I find interesting enough to take photos of on a daily basis. 


Just a little thanksgiving. . .

15 Nov

As I was looking at my photos from the weekend (mostly of cows) I realized that it’s pretty freaking awesome how peaceful life is right now.  So, today, I’m thankful for fresh bread, and a sewing fail. . .