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It’s Quality that Counts

15 Dec

Unless, of course, we’re talking about the quality of pictures, because these are pretty shabby. . . but check out my neighbor’s christmas lights:


And mine:

Clearly, I don’t have to worry about any sense of competition on their part. . . right?  I mean, did they look at their lights before they tossed them onto the shrubs?  And, because I feel the need to point this out. . . these lights are only the beginning.  I’ve already started making plans for next year.  Hopefully, next December, I won’t pick the freaking coldest day of the month to decorate either. . .   Bah Humbug!  Er, umm, Happy Holidays?


In revolt

10 Dec

Kindred. . . sweet. . . I’m finding these topics so. . . uninspiring.   The towels, though. . . they’re inspiring, right?

Look who moved in

6 Dec

It seems like everyone’s setting up camp in the bathroom at this time of year. . . first it was the plants. . . now it’s Baby J and the gang. Is it terribly obvious that I have a ton of counter space in the bath?

Also, because I can’t help myself. . . here’s the tree. Isn’t it beautiful?