Cajun Ingenuity

31 Jan

When I embarked on this weekend’s project, I had no idea how creative we would have to become in order to paint three shelves (top and bottom) before nightfall and the impending rain. 


 I’d really like to take credit for the idea to use a lawnmower and a bicycle for a sawhorse, but that was really ALL Alex’s idea. . . Whatever it takes.  And, the end result?  This pile of fabric and miscellanea. . .

Has been neatly organized on shelves!  So, now, I can find fabric, and do things with it.

Which means that this quilt might get sewn before the third baby shows up.  Although, if you’re following this blog, Marie, it definitely won’t be done before your shower.  Also, if you don’t like this tractor idea, now’s the time to say something about it. 


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