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31 May

I didn’t think I’d actually get around to posting a photo for this week’s You Capture theme – Pretty.  I can’t tell you how badly I did NOT want to post a photo of a flower.  That seemed too. . . obvious?  Fortunately, the carnies were in town!  (An unlikely Pretty photo if ever I could think of one.)

It’s a sad story. . . waiting in line, eager to ride a Ferris Wheel for the first time. . . then thwarted because we had FOOD tickets and not Mitchell Bros. tickets. . . And the line for tickets for rides was SOOOOOO LOOOOOOONG. And we had to get a nasty (or not so nasty really) funnel cake instead.   Ah well, there’s always next year.


I think that it shrunk!

23 May

Well, accountability doesn’t get you very far when you forget your blasted crochet project at work over the weekend. . .  So, I’m at 15 inches. . . if you stretch it a bit.

However!  Forgetting the crocheted curtain at work, I was able to do a bit of sewing.  Thwarted in my attempt to attain the pattern that I was looking for, New Look 6871, I decided to dismantle a shirt that I already own and come up with my own pattern!  It turned out, well, decent.  And was so easy to construct.  I may still pick up the New Look pattern, but in the meantime, I’m having fun constructing shirts with my very own, sort of plagiarized pattern.

A Mish-mash

20 May

“Oh, thank God I brought a banana!”   You know you’re starving when these are the words that enter your mind at 10:50 in the morning.  You may be wondering where I’m going with this?  You may not really care?  The funny thing is that quote is not really going anywhere.  It’s as random as all of these photos to follow.  They’re just sort of ones that I took, thinking that I’d come up with something clever to say when I posted them, but I am feeling decidedly unclever today.  So, without further ado (and rambling), here are some photos from these past few days. 

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18 May

Within the past year or so, the city built a nice brick path along the levee with benches and cleared the view of the river.  I swear, until now, I have NEVER seen a soul go up there.  Now, though?  Now. . . it’s BUSY.  There’s nowhere to park, and I have to try to avoid running over kids on bikes when I leave.  It’s like they’ve never seen the Mississippi so high before.


A Little Accountability Goes a Long Way

16 May

Okay, it’s official, I have been trying to crochet this curtain for the kitchen window for over a year now and have not gotten very far.  Therefore, I have concluded that I need to be held accountable for my progress or lack thereof.  So, I will be posting weekly updates of said curtain.  Feel free to ignore these posts, if you wish. . .  Right now, I’m at 14 1/2 inches, give or take. . .