Not quite the same thing

2 May

These aren’t the best photos, but I did have to chuckle when I thought of this. . . over the weekend, we aquired a new bedside lamp.  Setting it up, I looked around the room, and thought, “a lamp for every table.”  Of course, this called to mind the famous quote, “A chicken in every pot.”  Of course because who doesn’t think of presidential campaign promises while thinking of the overabundance of lamps in one’s home?  Did you know that the quote originated when Henry IV promised his peasants “a chicken in his pot every Sunday”?  At least, that’s what has to say about it.  That being said, these lamps all preside over different table tops in the bedroom.  I wasn’t even going to try to capture photos of all of the lamps in the house. . .

I’m currently wondering exactly WHY I need six lamps in the bedroom (there are two of these chandelier style lamps).  Does anyone know of a self help program for people with a lamp problem?


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