A Mish-mash

20 May

“Oh, thank God I brought a banana!”   You know you’re starving when these are the words that enter your mind at 10:50 in the morning.  You may be wondering where I’m going with this?  You may not really care?  The funny thing is that quote is not really going anywhere.  It’s as random as all of these photos to follow.  They’re just sort of ones that I took, thinking that I’d come up with something clever to say when I posted them, but I am feeling decidedly unclever today.  So, without further ado (and rambling), here are some photos from these past few days. 

A couple of photos from the last trip to New Orleans. . .


A little bit of fabric (some might call this a quilt square – boy am I out of it this morning) that Aunt Avis gave to me.  Notice how neat the hand stitching is??


And, finally, a picture of when the police came to arrest the cows. . . I KNOW, I KNOW!  I swore I was done with the cow photos. . . and this picture isn’t overwhelming or anything, but the cow broke free!  You may remember, this precious cow who loves our yard?  Well, she must have been overwhelmed by how green the grass was on the other side of the fence (and it really was since we have been busy watering Mr. Fig). . .  And she broke on through to the other side.  (That was shameless, I know.)  By the time I went outside, she had already been rounded up, but this kind officer ensured our safety, protecting our yard from a cow invasion while the neighbors went to collect more barbed wire.  All that’s left to show for it is a collection of cow manure. . . and the hilarity of knowing that we live in a house that may, at any point, be overtaken by stray cows and a donkey.  



One Response to “A Mish-mash”


  1. Cows without borders « Like A Broken Umbrella - June 13, 2011

    […] does she love us.  Since we, for some odd reason, didn’t get the owner’s phone number the last time that she made a break for it, we got to call the police again.  I can’t say that I didn’t ask for it. . . moping […]

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