Archive | June, 2011

Painting Genius

29 Jun

Okay, will it help if I promise that this is the last of the paintings for a while? From last night’s library program, Books and Brushes. . .


Cousins and such

28 Jun

For those family types. . . here are a couple of photos from Sunday. . .

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Back Away and Squint a Little

24 Jun

I’ve decided that these paintings all look much better from across the room, if you’re squinting. . .

When life gives you lemons

24 Jun

Or, better yet, when you’ve decided to grow a lemon tree, so you bought some lemons, but then you never made the time to make lemon bars. . . then you make lemonade.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

20 Jun

Well, trains at least, and a chair and table leg


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