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A Bountiful Harvest

29 Jul

This isn’t QUITE enough figs yet to do any canning, but I’m ready when that day does arrive. 




26 Jul


I’ve been craving a quilted tablecloth, wondering if it was only a whim. . . now I know that I NEED to have one!  Andria did such a great job with Aunt Sara’s. . .  Looks like it’s time for me to hit the fabric store.  And I wonder why I never get around to finishing that blasted curtain.

Little Cute Babies – a You Capture Post that I only half captured

20 Jul

I know that I’ve probably put one too many cute baby pictures up on the blog lately, and very little of anything else. . . but with the pictures that I’ve been taking of the new nephews. . . and the ones that I’ve been scanning of us as children, it just seemed too perfect to do a parent / kid comparison. . . Continue reading

From a Seed, a tree will grow

19 Jul

Or, rather, from three seeds, three trees will grow.  Look how HUGE my lemon trees are!

Shopping for one

11 Jul

It’s funny how sometimes we make decisions when we’re at the grocery store alone – decisions that would never fly if someone else was there. Looks like it’s time to revisit Julia Child’s recipe for Foie de veau a la moutarde.