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There will be Peace in the Valley

31 Aug

After a summer of first fretting that the grass isn’t growing, and then fretting that it’s growing TOO MUCH. . 

worrying about keeping up with the neighbors and doesn’t our yard look shameful with all of that GRASS. . .

Looking out and seeing a perfectly mown lawn (and pruned garden), and having the time to walk around the yard, looking at caterpillars is about as peaceful an activity as I can imagine.



Sesame Street

30 Aug

One of these squares is not like the other.  One of these squares doesn’t belong.  Can you tell which square is not like the other before I finish my song? 

I’d like to think that the squares that I fixed on Alex’s quilt aren’t QUITE that out of place. . . I tried to select similar fabric weights and such.  I even made the supreme sacrifice of driving all of the way to the Honeymoon Bungalow to select them!  And hand stitched the new squares on. . . .  repairing old quilts is not exactly the most enjoyable pastime, but I do love that it’s done.

I almost don’t care anymore. . .

29 Aug

So, I’m sure that I mentioned it earlier. . . right?  That I was sewing all of these shirts?  From a pattern that I made myself?  For a while, I was very proud of it and intent on taking pictures in ALL of my shirts that I made based on the original pattern?  I do believe that I’ve finally got all of the pictures, but, a few months later, my pride has diminished and I’m fairly apathetic about the shirts.  But, because I sometimes try to stick by what I orinigally intended to do. . . a blog about the shirts. . . that I used to sort of be proud of. . .  Don’t feel bad if you can’t bear to look. . .

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How do you cozy up to your tea?

27 Aug

I came across a recipe for chai tea the other day, and haven’t let up.  So, now, I’m thinking that it’s time to get crafting on a tea cozy. . . which I would have never considered doing until now. . .  but there are so many cute tutorials out there, I can’t decide on how I should cozy up my tea.  Any suggestions? 


On Crafting

15 Aug

So, in the interest of procrastination. . . Instead of working on this:

I decided to try my hand at paper piecing. . . . something I’ve never done before!


It went so/so. . . but, I’m blaming that on the fact that I can’t concentrate because my craft room looks like this and will until the big boy’s birthday: