I almost don’t care anymore. . .

29 Aug

So, I’m sure that I mentioned it earlier. . . right?  That I was sewing all of these shirts?  From a pattern that I made myself?  For a while, I was very proud of it and intent on taking pictures in ALL of my shirts that I made based on the original pattern?  I do believe that I’ve finally got all of the pictures, but, a few months later, my pride has diminished and I’m fairly apathetic about the shirts.  But, because I sometimes try to stick by what I orinigally intended to do. . . a blog about the shirts. . . that I used to sort of be proud of. . .  Don’t feel bad if you can’t bear to look. . .



Now I remember why I never did this post before. . . all of the pictures came out crappy.  Oh well, there you go. . . this year’s great sewing project. . . or one of them at least.  I wonder if I ever wrote about the repairs that I did to Alex’s quilt?  Those are some fun colorful pictures.  Maybe next time.


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