Here we come a waffling. . .

1 Sep

Who doesn’t think of this scene from A Claymation Christmas when they think of Christmas?  Anyhow, it’s that time again. . . okay, maybe it’s not QUITE Christmas yet, but it’s definitely time to get crafting.  And here’s what I’ve been working on!

Isn’t it sexy?  Mom gave me the kit like a year ago, and I finally got around to making it. . . and isn’t the dressform so much fun?????  Goodwill.  Yep.  I am the coolest. . . or maybe Alex is for doing all of the hard work, cleaning it up and painting it the coolest shade in aqua?  What should I name her?  Did you realize that seamstresses usually name their dress forms?  I think that’s kind of weird. . . but I’m going to name her anyhow. . .

Also sexy?  This groovy picture that came with the apron supplies. . . I guess it’s so you know how to pose once you’ve finished your apron?


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