A Not Terribly Funny Story

1 Nov

This is so classically ME that it’s ridiculous.  So, a few weeks ago, we bought McCall’s Pattern 4244  with the intention of making warm cozy flannel pajama pants for everyone!! 

 Okay, well, for the two of us at least. . . because who doesn’t love cozy pj pants?  Wouldn’t you know, Wal-Mart is apparently only selling flannel in shades of pastel this winter. . . we’ll not even get into how horrible Wal-Mart fabric is. . . and I haven’t made the time to go fabric shopping in the city yet. . . so. . . one evening, looking at the horrible selection of flannels at Wal-Mart, I decided that one wasn’t as bad as the rest AND it was on sale. . . I still wasn’t quite sold on the idea, but I liked it enough to hide the bolt (in the middle of the quilting fabrics), and I figured that I would go back for it the next day if I didn’t find something better.   Fast forward two weeks later, and I’m back at that same blasted store, looking at the same wretched selection of flannels, still complaining that they don’t have anything decent and grumbling that the one that I HAD liked and that WAS on sale is now gone. . .  After deciding not to buy any fabric, disappointed because it’s cold and I NEED warm pajama pants, I started to leave the fabric section. . . then it occurred to me. . . what are the chances that no one ever bothers to go through the fabric department and straighten up?  WHAT if. . . What if the fabric is exactly where I left it????  And it was.  Of course, it took me a while to find it. . . but find it I did.  I successfully managed to hide the fabric even from myself.  Sigh.  It probably still would have been there if I left it where it belonged, but I’m selfish enough to be happy that no one straightens out the fabric department, and that no one else stumbled across my gray with pink polka dots flannel. . .

As an aside, there are still moments when I look at my ring and think of the life that we have ahead of us, and I smile. . . and then I run for my camera, because isn’t the ring pretty with my ratty pjs on. . . while I’m cutting out flannel pattern pieces early in the morning?


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