Watch out for that sun!

7 Nov

On my way home from work on Saturday, I longingly glanced as I drove past a garage sale that I know had been going on since Friday morning. . . and I thought to myself that surely by 1:00 PM on Saturday, all of the good stuff was probably long gone. 

Starving, knowing that there was nothing that I wanted to eat at home, really craving treasure hunts and fast food, I opened the door at home and went in search of Alex. . .

I didn’t find Santa at the garage sale, but I did come across this whisk like contraption.  A hat stand.  Intrigued, I continued on, the whole while asking myself, “What in the hell do I need with a hat stand???”

Apparently, need doesn’t play a huge role in my garage sale decision making, because the stand came home with me. . . who cares if I NEVER make hats, don’t own a collection of hats, don’t have a single hat that I need to display. . .

It’s funny how life happens. . . because on Sunday, I looked around at the sewing projects that I wanted to do. . . and I got to work.  I sewed another muslin bodice for the wedding dress that I’m working on. . . more on that later. . . decided that I didn’t like it before I wasted TOO much time on it. . . fabricated rod pockets for the back of the wedding ring sampler that I intend to hang on the wall, and then I just kind of sat there. . . staring at my lovely Singer Stylist 513, newly back from the repair shop, and wondered what ELSE I could sew.  And, glancing around the room, I thought. . . well, now is as good of a time as any to try out the pattern for the garde soleil that Emily posted for me on Buns and Baskets.  It was so EASY to stitch up, and worked like a charm.  I did omit the back ties and just added a little casing with a bit of elastic.  Look how great it turned out!  (This is me being modest.)

Then, I realized. . . just like that, I HAD A HAT TO PHOTOGRAPH!  Already.  Good thing that I bought that hat stand at the garage sale!

And there’s the sewing machine too. . . and the double wedding ring sampler. . . talk about an all inclusive photo.

If you’re wondering about the Santa from earlier. . . if you’re willing to shell out $30, he’s at the Purple Cow in Baton Rouge. . . isn’t he adorable??  I’m finding myself really longing for wooden Santas right now though. . . carved ones, Santas painted on cypress knees. . . that kind of thing.  So, I left him for some other lucky shopper. 

Which leaves us with the last question of the day. . . of course, I’m going to pull the bow off of this hat thing. . . but once that’s done. . . what color should I paint it?  Aqua?  Hot Pink?  Buttery Yellow?  Coral?  And, once I’m done painting everything in the sewing room, will it REALLY feel like I’m sewing somewhere in the tropics?


2 Responses to “Watch out for that sun!”

  1. hippiepoints November 7, 2011 at 4:52 pm #

    I say coral! I love coral!

  2. Emily November 7, 2011 at 5:11 pm #

    Looks great! Thanks for sharing.

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