A Tale of Two Crusts

11 Nov

I haven’t done a white vs. wheat post in a while, so I decided to go ahead and ‘fess up about the pumpkin pies.  I tried, and I failed. 


The pie filling was no big deal.  I simply didn’t use sugar in the recipe. . . I did use a little Splenda, and quite a bit of sugar free syrup.  It tasted not very sweet, but still yummy.  I mean, pumpkin pie has so many other flavors going on with the spices, that you’d hardly notice, especially with a huge glob of sugar free cool whip on top. . . Or, if I were less lazy, I would have just whipped some cream. . . that would have probably been much better.  As is usually the case, the problem with a sugar free, whole wheat pie is the crust. 

In the past, I’ve used this crust recipe to make a GREAT pie.  I mean, I ate this pie up.  It was this chocolate crust with a cheesecake pudding filling to which I added some almond flavoring.  That pie was good.  Seriously.  I don’t think that it lasted more than a couple of days.  And the crust was so easy.  It comes from one of the Brennan’s Sugar Busters cook books and basically involves mixing crushed triscuits with butter and chocolate and then baking it.  It’s nice and crunchy and chocolatey, and you can pretend that you’re not dieting. . . What didn’t occur to me was that if I make this crust, then pour filling on it, then bake it for another hour or so. . . that would give the filling time to make the crust . . . mushy.  It was really a disaster, and I threw most of it away.  But, you live and you learn, and now I know that I can forsake the pumpkin pie this Thanksgiving and just make myself a few almond cheesecake pies. . .

Regardless, it’s fall!  And time for baking!!!! 



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