Wedding Dress Muslin – the second attempt

15 Nov

After the gold monstrosity, I realized that it would do little good to pretend that I am sewing anything other than a practice wedding dress.  Primarily, because I knew that I needed to see, eventually, what my pattern would look like in the appropriate length, and with short sleeves.  Secondly, I wanted to try out horsehair braid. . . just out of curiosity. . . because I had never used it before, and because I am spending too much of my free time on sewing blogs and watching sewing tutorials.  With that in mind, I hauled out S2692 again and went searching for my recently purchased copy of S2580.  With the second muslin, I used the bodice from view A of S2692, and the skirt portion of S2580.  Yay for mixing and matching patterns!

There are still a couple of things that I don’t like about this pattern. . .  For one thing, the simplicity pattern calls for you to gather the sleeve and the shoulder of the bodice separately. . . then, when you are attaching the sleeve to the bodice, if you’re not careful, your gathers will look like this:

Yes, I realize that it’s my fault that they don’t match. . . and if I were really going to wear this, I’d rip the sleeve out and reposition it. . . but, it just makes sense, if I choose this dress to gather the sleeve and the shoulder at the same time. . . right? 

The only other point of contention with this Frakenstein’s monster of a pattern is that I had to add, ahem, a little fabric to compensate for some of my more generously portioned. . . umm. . . attributes.

 You will notice, by this point I gave up and recruited a photographer.  So much for keeping the dress sewing a secret. 

So, there you have it. . . I thought that I was done.  I showed mom the photos. . . I showed her the dress. . . we talked about the gathering issue. . . I pointed out that I’d need a zipper. . . that it needs lace. . .

I never did try the horsehair braid.

Things were settled!  Now, all I needed to do was rip the thing apart, and hand over the pieces. . .

My part was done.  That was it. . .

And then Mom came for a visit.  And she brought patterns.  1) An out of print McCalls Alicyn wedding gown pattern. . . just in case I wanted to consider something with a train. . . sigh.  And 2) Simplicity 2917. . . because some of my inspiration pics included a subtle sweetheart neckline. 

I considered the train for about thirty seconds before I ditched that idea.  I don’t want to be dragging a train around all day, and I don’t want to even think about bustles.  But, the Simplicity pattern intrigued me.  I’ve been looking at this pattern for months. . . that probably started in the Spring.  I like it. . . but I think that it may look a little TOO early 1990s. . . However, since it landed on my doorstep (so to speak) for free. . . it looked like I was doomed to make a third muslin.


3 Responses to “Wedding Dress Muslin – the second attempt”

  1. hippiepoints November 15, 2011 at 11:18 pm #

    At least it’s starting to look like a wedding dress!

    • Like A Broken Umbrella November 15, 2011 at 11:20 pm #

      For better or worse. . . ha ha ha ha. . . you have to love a good play on words.


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    […] had modified sweetheart necklines. . . but, when I finished this one, it just felt blah.  So, with my favorite wedding dress muslin tweaked, marked up and unstitched. . . all I need to do is select some fabric and smile at my mom as […]

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