Catching Up. . . kind of. . .

20 Dec

So, to bring us up to speed. . . I spent some time at Claire’s house, waiting for her to have Noah, which she didn’t until I left.  Have I gone over that yet?  I cajoled and harassed, but still no baby until I was gone. . . but, while I was there. . . well, let me go back a ways in this story. . . My dearest Aunt Dot, from time to time, will tell the story of a time when I was a toddler, and she had me in her van and was on I-10 and ALMOST kept driving all the way to California. . .  Well, when I was at Claire’s this weekend, Anthony packed himself into my suitcase, and I joked that this would become known as the time that I ALMOST packed Anthony up in a suitcase and took him home with me.  If he wasn’t so sick, I just might have considered it. . .


And then I came home (without the cute kid) . . . and boy are things nuts here. . .  We have family visiting from overseas, and the first thing that we did?  We bought a bike at Goodwill. . . It was fixed up. . .

And everyone had a chance to ride it. . .




And then it was locked up because someone tried riding his bike at night, even though it was against the rules.  New house, new rules. . . and a few growing pains. . .

We finally decorated the tree.


And went to a few library programs, one of which starred Andrew singing an impromptu rendition of “Feliz Navidad.”

We’ve also made time to bring everyone to Waffle House, a first visit out of many, I imagine. . .


That thumbs up was from BEFORE he tried the food, in case you were wondering. . .   ha ha ha ha. . .

And, we’ve slowed down and looked at things that we normally don’t bother with – like egrets. 

All of that being said, our guests are staying in the craft room. . . so there won’t be any sewing on this end for. . . a little while at least.  But, I do still have a wedding dress post that I haven’t done yet, so that’s still to come!


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