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New Orleans

27 Jan

The thing about New Orleans is you can’t really PLAN a trip there. . . some days in January, the weather is IDEAL. . . some days in March, it’s horrible. . . all days in August, it’s horrible. . . some days in October, it’s ideal.  The best way to plan a trip to New Orleans is to wake up, step outside, and think to yourself, “Can I really spend the whole day outside in THIS weather?”  As it turns out, last Saturday was one of those perfect days. . . the kind that make you wonder why you don’t make the trip more often.  To be perfectly frank, now that I know about Brocato’s, I just MIGHT be making the trip more often. . . maybe even in August. . .



The dress that won’t be. . .

17 Jan

I know it’s been a while. . . but here is the last of the wedding dress muslins.  I finished sewing this one ages ago, but never got around to posting it. . . probably because it was so horrible, that I am still unsure if I want to share it with the world in general.  However, looking at it again is a good reminder that I definitely do prefer the style of my second muslin, and that I’m making the right decision for the bodice.   Many of my inspiration photos had modified sweetheart necklines. . . but, when I finished this one, it just felt blah.  So, with my favorite wedding dress muslin tweaked, marked up and unstitched. . . all I need to do is select some fabric and smile at my mom as I ask her to kindly stitch it up. . . and you know, we need to set a date and plan everything else. . . but it’s coming along.


Now. . . onto exactly how uncool I am. . . I was watching a documentary the other day about Billy the Kid, and I learned about the Regulators.  So, I’m sitting there in the living room, and it occurs to me. . . is this what that rap song is about??  You know, the one that goes, “Regulators, mount up.”  Then I thought, “Oh God!  Rappers know more about American history than I do?!”  Then I thought, “Hell, I don’t even know what rap song that is, and I can’t put it into context with the rest of the lyrics to consider if that’s REALLY what the rappers are singing about.”  Then I realized that not only do I know absolutly nothing about American history, I also know nothing about pop culture.

All in a Day’s Work

10 Jan

You know, if someone told me this is what I would be doing when I applied to grad school for my MLIS, I would have thought that they were joking. . .

That was then. . . this is now

6 Jan

Also known as. . . I used to have these shoes for about three days before my brother rode his bike closer and closer to mine, forcing me to ride closer and closer to the ditch until I fell in and ruined these AWESOME shoes. . . and now I finally have a new pair!


They REALLY are almost exactly the same color. . .

Thank you, Mom!