The dress that won’t be. . .

17 Jan

I know it’s been a while. . . but here is the last of the wedding dress muslins.  I finished sewing this one ages ago, but never got around to posting it. . . probably because it was so horrible, that I am still unsure if I want to share it with the world in general.  However, looking at it again is a good reminder that I definitely do prefer the style of my second muslin, and that I’m making the right decision for the bodice.   Many of my inspiration photos had modified sweetheart necklines. . . but, when I finished this one, it just felt blah.  So, with my favorite wedding dress muslin tweaked, marked up and unstitched. . . all I need to do is select some fabric and smile at my mom as I ask her to kindly stitch it up. . . and you know, we need to set a date and plan everything else. . . but it’s coming along.


Now. . . onto exactly how uncool I am. . . I was watching a documentary the other day about Billy the Kid, and I learned about the Regulators.  So, I’m sitting there in the living room, and it occurs to me. . . is this what that rap song is about??  You know, the one that goes, “Regulators, mount up.”  Then I thought, “Oh God!  Rappers know more about American history than I do?!”  Then I thought, “Hell, I don’t even know what rap song that is, and I can’t put it into context with the rest of the lyrics to consider if that’s REALLY what the rappers are singing about.”  Then I realized that not only do I know absolutly nothing about American history, I also know nothing about pop culture.


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