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Playing Catch Up

27 Feb

I just realized that I had about a month’s worth of photos on my camera that were never downloaded, edited, or (obviously) posted.  So, here is a random sampling of. . . stuff.

And from Valentine’s day. . . nothing says I love you like a dozen roses and a batch of arepas.  Right?

Then came Mardi Gras. . . and our trek to Tony’s Seafood to select and murder a few random catfish. . .

We never made it to Iota for syrup pies and boudin. . . but we did celebrate our cajun heritage by frying the fish (and oysters) outside, barefoot. . .

But the real reason that I REMEMBERED to get the pictures off of my camera today is because my job has been kind of stressful lately. . . but over the weekend, I was trying out one of my ideas for the teen summer reading program to see how it worked. . . and I remembered that part of my job makes it OKAY to be a thirty something year old woman making t-shirts about teen novels. . . which is pretty freaking cool, when you think of it that way. . . I’m getting paid to make Hunger Games t-shirts. . .

Bleaching t-shirts, by the way?  Super fun and easy. . .   What’s not so fun and was a much larger mess than I imagined?  Melting beeswax sheets down and turning them into teacup candles. . . Never doing that again.  Or at least I said that I wasn’t until I spotted a bunch of beeswax that I forgot to do. . . so I guess I’ll do it one more time, but then, for the love of my kitchen, I will never do it again.


And, finally, we took a ton of pictures of us chopping down trees and hauling them around. . . but then, after a day of hard labor, I stopped and took some pictures of my Mary statue with the flowers that are blooming. . . and that’s so much more fun than chopped down trees, right?  Or not?  Most of the tree photos involved Alex hard at work, and I did promise him that I wouldn’t post photos of him without permission, so, well, flowers instead of fallen trees. . .



Keep Scanning

14 Feb

This is just a happy valentine’s day reminder to myself that I need to keep scanning photos. . .






A Good Busy. . .

13 Feb

Haven’t had much time for pictures lately because I am busy saying good-bye to the Donaldsonville branch and hello to the Annex and my new job as Youth Services Librarian. . . which sounds nice in theory but really translates to the fact that I am swamped at work. 





Spring has almost Sprung

3 Feb

I know that these aren’t the BEST pictures, but it’s fun to see the calves frolicking in the pasture, and the weeds blooming in the yard.  I know that it’s only the beginning of February, and that the groundhog saw his shadow or didn’t – whichever means that there’s more Winter to come, but it sure is looking like Spring around our place.


No Sugar Added Pie Wins Pie Contest!

3 Feb

Okay, I debated for ages about whether or not I was going to post on this since the pie all disappeared before I got around to taking any pictures, but:  a) I don’t have anything else to post except some pictures that are still on my camera and b) I haven’t posted anything in ages, so why not? and c) I keep thinking about this pie and wishing that I still had some, so maybe it’s worth sharing with the world?

So, while Amanda was still visiting with us, she asked that I make her a peanut butter pie. . . well, hell, I don’t know if I’ve ever even EATEN a peanut butter pie, and it certainly wasn’t something that I had a favorite recipe for, so I went scouring the internet and found this.  Now, we all know that I’m trying to avoid sugar and stuff, and we also know that I don’t have a ton of willpower.  (It’s always good to acknowledge your faults.)  I knew that there was no way that I could sit around my house, with a decadent peanut butter pie in my fridge and not eat any.  So, I did what any sane person would do.  I made two pies.  For Amanda, I followed the recipe.  And for me, I tweaked it a bit.  And guess what!  Alex and I both liked my no sugar added pie better!  We actually (don’t tell Amanda) threw away the last slice of her pie that didn’t get eaten before she boarded the plane.  So, there you have the original recipe, you know, if you follow that link. . . let me tell you what I did!

For the crust, I used a recipe from Sugar Bust for Life! with the Brennans.  I think that I’ve mentioned it before.  One day I will actually remember to transcribe the recipe.   It’s basically one cup of triscuits, pulverized in the food processor, one cup of pecans – also pulverized, a stick of butter?, and some melted dark chocolate. . . You mix it all together, smoosh it into a pie plate and bake it for about 10 minutes. 

I followed the other recipe pretty closely for the filling. . . but I used Smucker’s Creamy Natural Peanut Butter.  And I replaced the sugar with Splenda. . . and for the frozen whipped topping, I just used the Sugar Free Cool Whip.  Since the filling is supposed to be peanut buttery instead of sweet to begin with, you couldn’t even tell the difference.  And, instead of glopping fudge sauce all over it, I simply melted about 2 more ounces of dark chocolate with a couple of  tablespoons of butter and drizzled it over the top.  Man, but I want pie now.  Sigh. 

As tempting as the fudge sauce was, when I took a bite (entirely for research purposes), it really was SUPER SWEET and sort of overwhelmed the peanut butter flavor.  When you take that into consideration. . . and then think about all of the added flavor from a homemade chocolatey-crunchy crust that had that nice saltiness of the pecans in the background. . . there really was no competition.  It’s kind of nice when the healthier option wins the day, isn’t it?