Playing Catch Up

27 Feb

I just realized that I had about a month’s worth of photos on my camera that were never downloaded, edited, or (obviously) posted.  So, here is a random sampling of. . . stuff.

And from Valentine’s day. . . nothing says I love you like a dozen roses and a batch of arepas.  Right?

Then came Mardi Gras. . . and our trek to Tony’s Seafood to select and murder a few random catfish. . .

We never made it to Iota for syrup pies and boudin. . . but we did celebrate our cajun heritage by frying the fish (and oysters) outside, barefoot. . .

But the real reason that I REMEMBERED to get the pictures off of my camera today is because my job has been kind of stressful lately. . . but over the weekend, I was trying out one of my ideas for the teen summer reading program to see how it worked. . . and I remembered that part of my job makes it OKAY to be a thirty something year old woman making t-shirts about teen novels. . . which is pretty freaking cool, when you think of it that way. . . I’m getting paid to make Hunger Games t-shirts. . .

Bleaching t-shirts, by the way?  Super fun and easy. . .   What’s not so fun and was a much larger mess than I imagined?  Melting beeswax sheets down and turning them into teacup candles. . . Never doing that again.  Or at least I said that I wasn’t until I spotted a bunch of beeswax that I forgot to do. . . so I guess I’ll do it one more time, but then, for the love of my kitchen, I will never do it again.


And, finally, we took a ton of pictures of us chopping down trees and hauling them around. . . but then, after a day of hard labor, I stopped and took some pictures of my Mary statue with the flowers that are blooming. . . and that’s so much more fun than chopped down trees, right?  Or not?  Most of the tree photos involved Alex hard at work, and I did promise him that I wouldn’t post photos of him without permission, so, well, flowers instead of fallen trees. . .



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