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Two Years and Counting

12 Mar

Two years and 7 days ago we bought a house.

I waited the seven days because the grass needed to be cut. . . but, you’ll notice, I didn’t even try to weed the garden.

They’re kind of pretty, right?  The weeds?  So lush and green???

Would you believe that there is cilantro buried under there?  Look. . . I can prove it!

Still don’t see it?  Let’s get closer. . .

Maybe a little closer?

Okay, so it’s not a HUGE cilantro plant.  This may even be the only leaf left after I ripped one apart to sniff it and  confirm my suspicion that last year’s cilantro plant did indeed grow back. . . but there’s always hope that it will grow into a mighty cilantro plant one day. . . Maybe in another two years?


Houmas House – Belated

10 Mar

Cross your fingers and wish really hard

8 Mar

It looks like Mr. Fig lives again!  I almost manage to kill of my fig tree every winter. . . and every spring I am pleasantly surprised. . . He was starting to bud right before that last frost this spring, but then all of his leaves withered and died. . . I was certain that he was done for. . .but it looks like he may have survived if this one bud is any indication.

And, now for gratuitous baby pictures. . . note to self. . . babies move quickly.  I either need better lighting, or to just use the dang flash. . .


My Newest Toy

6 Mar


It’s sort of amusing, in a way, to me at least, that I want to read on a Nook. . . but I want to write on an old electric typewriter. . .