Do you know who Jim Shore is?

19 Apr

So, I went into an antique store yesterday, in the hopes of finding some way to utilize a gift card from the lovely guys and gals at the D’ville branch.  I figured that it wouldn’t be too hard, and I did see some things that I loved, but I decided that I REALLY did not need more Texas Ware mixing bowls.  Although, now, I’m thinking, of course I need more Texas Ware mixing bowls. . . but that’s beside the point.  And then I came across this Santa figurine.

I’ve always loved Jim Shore’s work, probably because it reminds me of the Santas that my parrain carved for everyone when I was a kid. . . which my mom keeps close track of.  Most things that I want like this, I can make conveniently disappear and reappear at my house, but not this Santa. . .

So, I had my figurine in hand, but was continuing to walk through the store to see if there was actually an antique that I wanted to get from the store, instead of something that I could buy anywhere.  As I was walking around, the saleslady walked up to me and said, “Oh!  You’ve found something.”  I replied, that I had, but I was still considering it and wanted to keep looking around.  (Which is how I try to politely say go away while I’m shopping.)  Then she says, “Oh!  But this is a JIM SHORE!  Do you KNOW who Jim Shore is???!!!”  Poor thing.  I must have taken the wind out her sails when I said yes and skirted around her.  The point of the story is that I did buy my Santa and baby Jesus.  So, now I own a JIM SHORE!  (And I have decided that you have to say his name that way every time that I talk about it. . . after all, it’s a JIM SHORE!!!)  And I feel that much more connected to ladies who sit at home shopping on QVC. . . and I wonder where exactly is the dividing line between aging hipster and middle aged suburban yuppie?  I did actually continue on home (after spending some time with my Crochet Club) and proceeded to plant roses in my yard. . . And, I didn’t even know that Andrew Bird was going to have a concert in New Orleans, and I missed it completely. . . but I do know who Andrew Bird is, and I care that I missed the concert. . . so maybe I’m in some magical in between time?


2 Responses to “Do you know who Jim Shore is?”

  1. sunnyb64 April 19, 2012 at 7:02 pm #

    I guess I’m still just a hipster, since I don’t know who Jim Shore is…but I’m glad you know who Andrew Bird is! Everyone should. He’s a genius.

    • Like A Broken Umbrella April 19, 2012 at 7:37 pm #

      I don’t know if it makes this all better or worse, but I only know who Jim Shore is because I love to watch QVC – but only when they are selling Christmas items.

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