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A Little of This, a Little of That

31 May

So, catching up. . . here’s the last project I tried to sew.

Mom finding a weird green box full of vintage patterns that are oddly fashionable, in my size and already cut out?  Pretty damn awesome.  Wasting a day making a shirt that looked like the pattern, and crappy on me?  Pretty unfortunate.

So, this photo of the fabric and pattern was not all that great.  Then I had a moment when I thought to myself, I should take a picture of that weird spider thing down the street. . . but I was too lazy to actually wait until the light was right. . . I just found a moment when I was WILLING to hop on a bike and ride down the street, even though it’s like 100 degrees outside.  So, I’ve got this picture of the weird spider thing – but it’s not what I wanted. . . better than not having a picture of the weird spider thing though?

And so I’ve been taking these so- so pictures, and letting them pile up on my camera, and it wasn’t until I was walking through the yard after putting out the trash that I thought to myself that the weeds growing in my garden were pretty that I got around to uploading them all.  They’re about the prettiest thing in the yard.  I think that I might be the only person who has managed to shrink my fig tree.  Only in my yard do things grow shorter. . .


Hummingbird Cake Recipe

23 May

This is more for my reference. . . but if you’re reading this – go make a cake!  You won’t regret it.

Officially meant to be jealousy inducing. . .

21 May

ask and you shall receive

17 May


And because Easter was so two months ago. . . and I’m sure the babies don’t look like that anymore, here’s what I’ve been doing.  .  .


Okay, okay. . . one last Easter picture. . .

Rainbows and Mimosa Trees

8 May