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The I’m Posting Twice in the Same Day Because I’m Bored Post

29 Aug

Well, thanks to Hurricane / Tropical Storm Isaac, I have entirely too much free time on my hands with nothing planned ahead to do. . . so here is my $1, I sewed it during the hurricane shirt.  Also known as Simplicity 2372.  I love how it came out (on my manequin)!  I’m still unsure of how I think that it came out when I have it on my person.

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Hurricane Isaac, a grass cutting tale

29 Aug

It looks like we mowed the grass just in time!  That’s it. . . the whole story.  We mowed our lawn.  Exciting, isn’t it?  I think so, because now it’s raining. . . a lot. . . and the yard will be damp. . . for a while.

The Frankenstein Miracle

28 Aug

Anyone who knows me knows that I can’t REALLY sew. . . so when I decided to combine the bodice from one pattern (size big) with the bottom of another dress pattern (size bigger) which included buttonholes (no buttonholer here) and pockets. . . anyone could see the disaster coming from a mile away. . . did I mention that I picked a plaid fabric and decided to do french seams even though I don’t know how to do french seams?

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Hoarding and Crafting

18 Aug

So, when my friend Maria got married. . . a while back. . . How many years ago, Maria?  Well, their oldest son is now in Kindergarten (yay!), and she wasn’t pregnant when she got married. . . and it was when we all lived in Baton Rouge, umm, so it had to have been at the very least about 6 years ago?  So, about 6 years ago, but probably longer, Maria got married, and I was one of the bridesmaids, and we all had different dresses, and I chose to make mine which I will never do for a wedding again, and it ended up looking a bit like Ursula’s outfit. . . but the straps were made of rhinestones!  And, so I made this dress, and after I was done, I had about 8 inches of the rhinestone strap stuff leftover.  I thought to myself that it would make a great bracelet, but I needed to find a clasp.  Fast forward some years (*Update – December will be 10 years), and this rhinestone strap is still rolling around in a purse.  Every time I use the purse, it’s there, hanging out at the bottom.  I’ve not even gotten to the point of putting it away.  So, there’s that. . .

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Family Portraits

14 Aug