A cinematic sort of dress. . .

4 Aug

It’s funny, but this dress I intended to sew this weekend and my feelings for it are now tied in with three different movies.  Well, technically one was a tv show, but are we really being technical here?   Originally, years ago, I fell in love with Rita Sue’s dress in Carnivale. . . and knew that I had to make it one day – or at least something close.


Then, ummm, I just forgot my second movie tie in. . . let me think.  Oh, right, so, I loved this dress, and found a few months ago, some fabric that I thought would work.  It was actually a bedsheet, but fabric is fabric, right?  AND I was lucky enough to come upon this pattern, that I thought was pretty darn close.  It’s Butterick 5030.


Check out the red dress.  Close, right?  I mean, it doesn’t have the ruffle, but I’ve been REALLY screwing up my sewing projects lately, and I decided I could live without the ruffle. . .  So, they’ve both been here, the fabric and the pattern, hanging out in my craft room, but I still wasn’t working on  it – even though I want to own this dress.  Then, I went to the movies.  (See, this dress really is about the cinema!)  Alex and I went to see To Rome With Love.  In the movie, there is a little bit where one of the characters is complaining about her cotton print dress. . . and I remembered that I still haven’t sewn my cotton print dress.. . not exactly the same era, but certainly the same sentiment.  Is there really anything that beats a cotton print dress?

Then, yesterday, I went to the trouble of cleaning off the kitchen counter, and I cut out my fabric.  This morning, I woke up, refreshed, with a very, umm, artistic looking hairdo, and decided today’s the day!


Look how happy I was!  I was doing everything right!  I didn’t start sewing last night when I was tired.  I made breakfast first this morning, and had a nice cup of coffee.  Then I tore up my craft room, rearranging things, so I could sew my old fashioned dress on my old fashioned sewing machine.  And I began to sew.  I was so careful.  I took breaks!  On one of my breaks, I even made another batch of that Chuy’s Creamy Jalapeno Dip. . .


The fact that I’m willing to eat something with this much mayo says a lot about how good it is. . . because I find this photo to be pretty nausea inducing.

I went back to sewing.  I was patient.  I followed the directions.  I even stay stitched things, and I NEVER do that.  At one point, I realized that this was going to take a while, so I hauled my record player into the room and started listening to Revolver.  Then, when I was done with both sides of Revolver, I started listening to The Touch of Country Love – which is apparently available on Amazon.  I highly recommend it.  Everything seemed to be coming along great – until I tried it on.  It’s genuinely frightening.  The front goes so low, it was indecent. . . not even close to be decent.  I got mad.  I threw the pattern away.  I shoved the dress into my craft closet, thinking that I could hack away bits of fabric for other projects someday, knowing that I would never have my dress.  I’m going to show you the picture of the dress on my manequin, but trust me, this photo is misleading.  The dress is unwearable.

Then, I’ll be honest.  I cried.  I layed in my bed and cried.  I then decided to throw all of my old cassettes away.  It’s ironic that on the same day I hauled out a bunch of vinyl, I threw away a bunch of cassettes.  I saved three or four for sentimental reasons. . . but the rest got tossed.  Throwing them away really didn’t help, though.  So, I decided to get online and complain about how upset I was with this pattern.  I had every intention of getting onto Pattern Review and REALLY writing a scathing review of the pattern, so no one in their right mind would ever want to make this stupid horrible dress.  When I logged onto the website, I decided to read the other reviews first. . . and then I realized why I had an extra pattern piece cut out.  Oops.  So, now, deep breath. . . I MIGHT go back and try again. . . without the directions this time, because I am NOT digging this pattern out of the trash. . . which brings me to my third movie tie in.  Have you seen The Grey?

Once more into the fray. Into the last good fight I’ll ever know. Live and die on this day. Live and die on this day.

So, I’m not exactly fighting wolves in the hope of saving my life. . . and I know that it wasn’t worth crying over. . . but when you sew something, you put so much time and energy into it – even if it is a quick sew.  It’s not like when you’re at the store, and try something on, spend thirty seconds looking at it and deciding that you don’t like it. . . when you sew, it’s hours. . . and then you have to decide if it’s worth trying to save, if it’s even possible to save, or if you should just let it go. . .  Right now, though, I’m going to pour myself a glass of lemonade, and appreciate the fact that I have the time and the luxury to moan about crappy sewing projects.


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