Hoarding and Crafting

18 Aug

So, when my friend Maria got married. . . a while back. . . How many years ago, Maria?  Well, their oldest son is now in Kindergarten (yay!), and she wasn’t pregnant when she got married. . . and it was when we all lived in Baton Rouge, umm, so it had to have been at the very least about 6 years ago?  So, about 6 years ago, but probably longer, Maria got married, and I was one of the bridesmaids, and we all had different dresses, and I chose to make mine which I will never do for a wedding again, and it ended up looking a bit like Ursula’s outfit. . . but the straps were made of rhinestones!  And, so I made this dress, and after I was done, I had about 8 inches of the rhinestone strap stuff leftover.  I thought to myself that it would make a great bracelet, but I needed to find a clasp.  Fast forward some years (*Update – December will be 10 years), and this rhinestone strap is still rolling around in a purse.  Every time I use the purse, it’s there, hanging out at the bottom.  I’ve not even gotten to the point of putting it away.  So, there’s that. . .

Then, well, part of my job now is to scout out program ideas for kids.  I was trying to think of a jewelry program idea for tweens for December that wasn’t the same stringing beads on stretchy chord that we always do. . . but I also didn’t want to get into using proper jewelry tools.  And then I came across this posting by Aunt Peaches.  It turns out that the idea originated from The Big Ass Book of Crafts part 2!  I didn’t know there was a part 2!!!  The first one is a really fun book, and if this bracelet is any indication, I know that I’m going to love the second book also.  A.  This craft is perfect for tweens B.  zip ties and mardi gras beads and ribbon are cheap, so it’s also perfect for the library.  C.  It just looks cool. . . trust me on this. . . I’ve already made four of them.  D.  It is PERFECT for those rhinestones!!!!!  At this point, with my own wedding looming, at some point in the future, date still to be determined, I though how perfect this would be with rhinestones and baby blue ribbon!  I could do one with pearls also, with more baby blue ribbon. . . and I could get carried away and do a zillion of them. . . So now I have this fun new bangle bracelet, and I have to decide – do I let myself wear it now?  Or do I save it?  Along those same lines – lesson learned?  Hoarding is not necessarily a bad thing.  That scrap of ribbon?  That bit of rhinestone strap?  You’ll find something to do with it. . . eventually.  Now, I’m wishing very badly that I had saved the dress, or at least removed the rhinestone straps before I got rid of it.  Sigh.  Also!  While I’m rambling. . . went to knit night, finally, this week.  Isn’t it fun when you happen along a group of people that are just fun?  When it feels like you fit right in?  Crafty people are so nice.


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