The Frankenstein Miracle

28 Aug

Anyone who knows me knows that I can’t REALLY sew. . . so when I decided to combine the bodice from one pattern (size big) with the bottom of another dress pattern (size bigger) which included buttonholes (no buttonholer here) and pockets. . . anyone could see the disaster coming from a mile away. . . did I mention that I picked a plaid fabric and decided to do french seams even though I don’t know how to do french seams?

The dress and I both survived, but just barely.  Now I have two cotton print dresses. . . this could get serious. . .

I haven’t ironed it yet, but I’m sure that collar business will work itself out. . . and, um, just for the record, for my personal reference, in case I need to remember this in the future. . . this bodice is from McCall’s 4769 (M4769) and the skirt is an altered version of Simplicity 1914 (S1914).  Sort of makes you wonder why I had to mix and match patterns to get such a simple dress.  Surely I’m not the only one striving to look like a worn out housewife from the forties?


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