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How many weeks of cowboy stories does it take?

30 Sep

To convince me that I need to make empanadas and chili in the same weekend?  And, not just any chili, but a chili made with three different types of peppers, cinnamon, masa harina, chocolate. . .   The answer to that question is apparently tres semanas.


Morning Break

26 Sep


18 Sep

I was writing to Heather about RELIC, and decided that I would just swipe the whole passage from her e-mail for my blog. . . So, when I’m not sloppily creating crafts, or taking bad pictures, this is what I do with my time. . .

Oh, man, I should tell you about RELIC. . . so it’s this program that we do with a visiting professor, complete with syllabus and assigned readings. . . And, for six weeks, you do the assigned readings, then show up and discuss them.  So, I look at the syllabus, and I think to myself, there’s no way I can read all of this.  The funny thing?  He’s only asking us to read about 250 pages a week.  The even funnier thing?  I realized this past weekend that I was putting off reading by claiming that I needed to work on my Christmas quilt. . . So I was putting off work I didn’t want to do with work I also didn’t want to do.  At one point, I laughed aloud and wondered how long it would be before I decided that I NEEDED to do an ice cream run.  The sad thing?  Our next meeting is tonight, and I’m only about half way through with the assigned reading.  This is a little TOO much like college.  my defense, Zane Grey is a BORING writer.  I really do feel like a college freshman.  This is making me realize how cushy book club reading is.  I mean, the topics aren’t always easy – the book does have to be discussable, but almost everything that we read is current. . . so reading a book from the early 1900s is throwing me off. . . just with all of the extra description and stilted narrative. . . and here I am rambling about a book I haven’t bothered to finish.  I wonder how much I can read between 4:30 and 6:00, if I take a break to get junk food. . . like ice cream.  🙂

What’s in a blog?

17 Sep

I think that I’ve decided that I need to rename this blog into the impatient crafter.  I have such a bad habit of rushing through crafts.  You remember that quilt I started twelve days ago?  I decided that I’d rather have it done, even if it looks like a mess, than to take my time with it.  Yeah, I’m patient like that.



And, as is obvious, I haven’t been paying that much attention to my photography. . . oh well.  The quilt is done, for what it’s worth. . .

Librarian Fail

14 Sep

So, on Wednesday, I was getting dressed for work, and I realized that I was wearing gray pants, a black shirt, black and white shoes. . . and I thought to myself, “Self, if I use a red accessory or two, I would be dressed like a rêveur.”  Unfortunately, I don’t own a red scarf, so I had to use what I had on hand – a red bracelet, a garnet ring, and snazzy red barrettes in my hair. . .   You can’t see the barrettes in this first photo. . .


Ummm, let’s see, snazzy red barrettes? (feel free to ignore the frizzy hair and bad eyeliner. . . )


Okay, so maybe the whole rêveur thing isn’t that obvious.  It felt like it when I was getting dressed, though, and I did spend 8 hours in a room with librarians. . . at least one of whom has read The Night Circus and knows that I love it, and no one noticed. . . sigh.  All of my efforts for naught.  Coincidentally, later that day, I was talking with library staff out on the floor, and the novel came up, so I was able to point out my intentions. . . which just isn’t the same. . .

Speaking of the library, I went to our Coffee and Crafts program this evening and made an ornament from Cathy Gaubert’s Fa La La La Felt. . . She even came to lead the program.  It was pretty awesome.  This picture is hers, by the way.  Not because my ornament isn’t cute. . . mostly because I didn’t feel like turning on the light and taking a picture. . .