Librarian Fail

14 Sep

So, on Wednesday, I was getting dressed for work, and I realized that I was wearing gray pants, a black shirt, black and white shoes. . . and I thought to myself, “Self, if I use a red accessory or two, I would be dressed like a rêveur.”  Unfortunately, I don’t own a red scarf, so I had to use what I had on hand – a red bracelet, a garnet ring, and snazzy red barrettes in my hair. . .   You can’t see the barrettes in this first photo. . .


Ummm, let’s see, snazzy red barrettes? (feel free to ignore the frizzy hair and bad eyeliner. . . )


Okay, so maybe the whole rêveur thing isn’t that obvious.  It felt like it when I was getting dressed, though, and I did spend 8 hours in a room with librarians. . . at least one of whom has read The Night Circus and knows that I love it, and no one noticed. . . sigh.  All of my efforts for naught.  Coincidentally, later that day, I was talking with library staff out on the floor, and the novel came up, so I was able to point out my intentions. . . which just isn’t the same. . .

Speaking of the library, I went to our Coffee and Crafts program this evening and made an ornament from Cathy Gaubert’s Fa La La La Felt. . . She even came to lead the program.  It was pretty awesome.  This picture is hers, by the way.  Not because my ornament isn’t cute. . . mostly because I didn’t feel like turning on the light and taking a picture. . .


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