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31 Oct

What are you for Halloween??  My costume is a little book-ish this year.   This isn’t me. . . but it’s close!  Ha ha ha ha. . . What a fun picture.  I think it’s time to read The Night Circus again!


Vacation Part Two – Don’t compete unless you know you can win

31 Oct

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Vacation – Part 1

26 Oct

Without planning to, I’ve ended up on an almost week long vacation. . . What happens when you don’t have work with which to occupy yourself?

You volunteer to tote two chunky boys around the mall. . .



And you find yourself buying a truck. . .


At least, that’s what I did with a couple of days off. . . makes me wonder what kind of trouble I’m going to get into in these next two days. . .

Win? Or Fail?

21 Oct

So, after realizing today that places that sell RVs are in fact NOT open on Sundays (boo!), I decided to finally get around to trying this triumverate of pinterest ideas.  Seriously, three pins all smooshed into one project.  I think that I am now either the Queen of Pinterest. . . or it’s time for help.  I haven’t decided which yet.  🙂  So, first, there’s this idea out there of poking holes into the top of your mason jar lid, so you can use a straw.  Genius, right?

So, you’ve got a straw for a mason jar. . . that’s nice.  But what would make it better?  Did you know that you can use a mason jar with a blender?  The seal on mine isn’t perfect, so it drips a little. . . but not enough to convince me to go back to using a blender just for a smoothie, when I can use a mason jar (which fits into the dishwasher) instead. . .

So, that’s what I did this morning.  I whipped myself up my favorite smoothie in a mason jar!  Here’s the recipe:

1/2 frozen banana
cold brew coffee
1 gigantically heaping spoon of natural peanut butter
a drizzle of chocolate syrup
2 cubes of ice

I sometimes do it with chocolate ice cream instead of chocolate syrup and ice. . . but there just wasn’t any this morning.  I survived.

Awesome, right?  Oh?  Did you realize that’s only two pinterest ideas?  Right, that was how it started.  But, then I realized that glass gets chilly when it’s filled with frozen stuff.  (Sometimes I don’t think things through ahead of time.)  And then, like magic, I remembered this OTHER  Pinterest thing that I had seen. . .

Check out #19. . . reversible cup sleeves.  Of course!


Three projects in one. . . now, tomorrow, when I make a smoothie for breakfast, I will have a cute little sleeve for my mason jar. . . and my life will be one little Pinterest cliché.


The weather!

17 Oct