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Featherless Chickens

29 Nov

If you’ll remember from my earlier post about my favorite online videos, I’m a huge fan of featherless chickens.  I just think that they are undeniably hilarious.  That being said, this is my new all time favorite photograph.  It’s from More than Human, by Lewis Blackwell and Tim Flach.


Thanksgiving . . . in no particular order

26 Nov

I have to say, there were a LOT of people at mom and dad’s on Thanksgiving.  I didn’t even get pictures of everyone!  (Or the chance to really visit with everyone.  . . ) Now that is the kind of complaint that I can deal with.

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Rende a veiller

22 Nov

It’s sad trying to remember french that I grew up with. . . and trying to remember the french that I learned in school. . . and trying to combine the two, so this subject line can be both reminiscent and slightly grammatically correct.  It didn’t take me long to give up.  I have some validation from this website that reassures me that “make the veiller (vay yay)” means to spend the evening talking with friends?  So, I’m assuming that the phrase that I remember, rende un veiller, actually does mean something like to go spend the night at someone’s house. . . probably mom-mom’s?  So, guess who’s spending the night at my house this long weekend?  I’m sure this is not going to be a surprise. . .

Bertha goes to the Salon

20 Nov

Looks like someone got her hair done. . .

The Whole Gang – Back Together Again

19 Nov

It looks like it’s almost time for a haircut!