A food kind of weekend

18 Nov

I must be getting ready for Thanksgiving. . . my mind is totally on food this weekend.  There’s a to do list on my fridge for later this week – which includes a crawfish mold (yay!) and mini pies. . . but in the meantime, I am relaxing and making some chicken chili. . . just as soon as this chicken is done cooking, I’m going to have to remember how I usually prepare it.  Speaking of remembering. . . (I admit that’s a lame segue.) Alex has been asking me for my recipe for an empanada filling.  In all honesty, this is kind of Amanda’s recipe – only I can’t find where I wrote her recipe down, so the last time that I made some, I just sort of winged it.  I suppose if I type it out now, then I won’t stray too much from the original flavors of the recipe, right?  In the meantime, what are your favorite recipes?  What are you planning to make for Thanksgiving this year?  Is there anyone out there as excited as I am by the prospect of a crawfish mold??

Empanada Filling
Leftover roast, chopped fine, about 1 1/2 c.
1/3 bag of homestyle (cubed) hashbrowns
1 small onion, chopped fine
1 red bell pepper, chopped fine
achiote (annato)
2 tsp. garlic
2 T. plain yellow mustard
1 T. worcestershire sauce
1 T. soy sauce
salt and pepper

First, you will want to parboil the potatoes. They will continue to cook in the empanadas, so don’t cook them completely. They should still be slightly firm. Next, in a skillet, heat about 1 tsp. oil and cook the onion and bell pepper on medium/low until softened. Add the garlic and achiote and cook until they begin to smell. Add mustard, worcestershire and soy sauce and heat through. Turn off the heat and stir in the shredded meat and potatoes. Stir gently so the potatoes don’t turn to mush. Stuff into your corn meal dough mixture. . . or, for a change, try it with puff pastry. . . or, if you’re lazy, spoon it over rice. If you’re going to spoon it over rice, though, I suggest cooking the potatoes all the way through. . . and temporarily forcing yourself to forget that carbs on top of carbs are supposed to be a bad thing.


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