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Happy Happy Happy

31 Dec

Just a few photos from the Christmas holiday. . .

Camp 1

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Kismet? Coincidence? Synchronicity – That’s the word

27 Dec

It’s funny, I took this photo on December 23rd – just some duck decoys that we saw in the back of a pick up truck that was parked at K-mart.  I thought that they were picturesque.  The very next day, when I was in Monroe, I learned that there is a show on tv called Duck Dynasty. . . that’s filmed in West Monroe. . . just down the street.  Then, later, we happened upon a marathon.  Can I say, funniest show ever?  Before Christmas was over, we were cruising around looking for a house with OY written on its roof. . .

duck decoys

Endless Hours of Fun

21 Dec

Little known fact. . . Bertha is a vampire!

The special kind who don’t sparkle like glitter in the sun. . .

bertha the vampire

Christmas 2012

18 Dec










Just a few Christmas Decorations

13 Dec

I feel the need to point out the fact that I took these photos BEFORE today.  You see, today, I read a book about photography.  I am sure that all future photographs will simply BLOW YOUR MINDS.  Ha ha ha ha. . . or not.  But I did learn. . . well, two new things about how to work my camera.  And I realized that I don’t bother to think about the photos that I’m taking.  Maybe with my new knowledge. . . and a little more effort on my part, these pictures will start to improve?

candle holder


christma wreath


christmas lights


And finally, my favorite ornament of all time. . .

santa ornament