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When it doesn’t exist. . .

25 Jan

Make it yourself.  At least, that’s what I like to say.  At the library, I was looking for some images that combined a Day of the Dead Calavera with a little bit of a steampunk feel, and a little bit of a The Night Circus feel. . . and, I guess it just all happened to be a little too specific.  So I did a rough painting to get the feel that I’m going for across. . . so when it comes time to do some of the decorations for our teen party this summer, the person who actually HAS art talent will know what vibe I’m looking for.  It is all a little more serious than I wanted, and not steampunk-y enough. . . but it’s going in the right direction. . .

Night Circus Steampunk Calavera


weekend quilt – finished

6 Jan

It’s official. The Weekend Quilt? My Modern Retro? Finished at 12:20 on Sunday. Actually, by 12:20, I was done, fixed something on another quilt, chatted with Alex about lunch, and then realized that I hadn’t bothered to check what time I was finished. It wasn’t without some injury though.
done and washed

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Now I can go to sleep

6 Jan

Over the Moon


6 Jan

Do you know that helpless feeling that you get when you’re trying to remember the name of a book or the author. . . ANYTHING that can help you locate a childhood favorite again?  But you just don’t have enough information to go on?  Two books from my youth have plagued me.  I know a little, enough that it seems like I SHOULD be able to locate them, but I just haven’t been able to.

After years (literally) of searching, I was able to find one tonight!  And I’ve requested it through ILL.  It will probably suck, but at least I’ll know. . . and I will never again forget the name of this blasted book. . .

The Worry Week by Anne Lindbergh

Blessed relief.  Now, can anyone tell me the title of a book about a girl who runs away from home and goes to her sister’s house in Halifax?  Her sister owns a yarn shop if that helps?  And on the cover of a book, she’s wearing an awesome leather jacket with fringe. . . how is it that I can not seem to find this stinking book?

Crazy? Or just overly ambitious?

5 Jan

So, it’s been a little cold in my office this week.  Actually, it’s been really cold, bones and joints ached cold, in my office this week.  I brought a space heater to work. . . and the Christmas quilt. . . but, yeah, Christmas is over.  So, what did I decide to do?  I decided to make a quilt in a weekend*.  It’s only Saturday, so I’m still not done. . . but I am wondering if I’m being overly ambitious – or just plain crazy.  Consider this a halfway through status report.

*To be honest, I cut the colorful squares out on Thursday night. . . so it’s not completely a one weekend project. . .   Let’s begin, shall we?

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