6 Jan

Do you know that helpless feeling that you get when you’re trying to remember the name of a book or the author. . . ANYTHING that can help you locate a childhood favorite again?  But you just don’t have enough information to go on?  Two books from my youth have plagued me.  I know a little, enough that it seems like I SHOULD be able to locate them, but I just haven’t been able to.

After years (literally) of searching, I was able to find one tonight!  And I’ve requested it through ILL.  It will probably suck, but at least I’ll know. . . and I will never again forget the name of this blasted book. . .

The Worry Week by Anne Lindbergh

Blessed relief.  Now, can anyone tell me the title of a book about a girl who runs away from home and goes to her sister’s house in Halifax?  Her sister owns a yarn shop if that helps?  And on the cover of a book, she’s wearing an awesome leather jacket with fringe. . . how is it that I can not seem to find this stinking book?


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