Coontrap and 74

17 Jul

The thing about taking a picture every day is that you realize you see the same thing day in and day out. . . like the two pictures I’ve got at the end of this post. . . a tired, slightly bloodshot eye at the end of a day at work, and the stop that I make every afternoon, at the corner of Coontrap and Hwy. 74, waiting on a pause in the traffic, so I can turn.  Sometimes, though, there are surprises – like yesterday. . . I had pruned my basil some time back, and I thought to put the cuttings in a bud vase, just until I got around to using the basil.  When I went to use it yesterday, though, I was surprised to find roots!  I’m such a horrid gardener.  I would never have known how to get a basil leaf to root.  But, there you go. . . I’m going to have new basil plants – for free!

basil with roots IMGP9419

Coontrap and 74


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