Homage to a Piece of Furniture

22 Jul

I got a call today, to see if I wanted my grandparents’ old loveseat.  There’s really no room in my house, but it does make me sad that the loveseat won’t be around anymore.  I have very few memories of my grandpa, Pop.  He passed away when I was 8 or so, but in one of my clearest memories, I’m sprawled out across that loveseat, and he grabbed my toes and was teasing me about being at his house, joking about me still being at the house. . . telling me he thought they would be rid of me by the time he woke up. . . asking when I was going to go home.  Then I started to think about how many pictures there are of all of us, siblings, cousins, piled on that loveseat, crawling behind it in a game of hide and seek. . . and I decided that it deserved an homage, complete with a slew of pictures from my archive. . .

Eric Jan 81

Eric and Shelly




You’ll have to imagine a 20 year gap here. . . pictures that haven’t been scanned and predate digital cameras. . . plus a bunch of other baby pictures that I’ve left out.  I think that every baby born into the Miller family was photographed on this loveseat.








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