Yesterday’s picture, today

24 Jul

Normally, I get all freaked out about reptiles and amphibians, but when I walked outside to go to work yesterday morning and saw a frog, I thought that it would be a great idea to take a picture of it. . . because it was all big and toad-y. Then, I thought that well, even toads are pretty little, and it would be better to get close and take the photo on a macro setting, so I can get some nice details of this weird thing on the side of his head. . . and then I took a picture, but my lens was all fogged up because it’s cold in the house and warm outside, so I wiped off the lens and bent down REALLY close to take another picture – at which point (this should be no surprise to all of you), the toad jumped, and I screamed and then started laughing hysterically. How did I forget, even for a minute, that this toad probably did not want me all up in his space?

Frog on the porch


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