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On My Desk

29 Aug


  • paracord
  • a lighter
  • story time songs and rhymes handout


  • a cornucopia
  • phillips head screwdriver
  • the back rest of a chair
  • popsicle sticks

An Honest to God book critique

21 Aug

Maybe this is more like a complaint than a critique.  After years of hearing people say that they couldn’t BELIEVE that I hadn’t read Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini Taylor, I finally did.  Two weeks, forcing myself to read. . . remembering rules like you should subtract your age from 100 and read at least THAT many pages of a book before you give up. . . . thinking “Oh, I could go read this other book really quick and come back to this one” and then acknowledging to myself that if I put it down, I would never pick it up again.  I wish that I had something real to say about this book.  Really, I just found it dreadfully dull.  The plot wasn’t horrible, her writing isn’t horrible. . . but if I could go back in time, I would have put it down at page 66 and been done with it. . . . being a YS librarian should not mean that you have to torture yourself with crappy YA novels at night. . .

Catching Up. . . It’s been a while. . . so much for posting every day

4 Aug

July 30

July 30

August 2 – Setting up for the Tea Party

August 2

August 3 – The actual tea party with Sarah!

August 3 Sarah

August 4 – Making biscuits

August  4

So, when I was preparing for our tea party, I realized how many friends I have and how generous they are. . . the party was just for Sarah and myself, but there were reminders of everyone there.  As I set the table, I was very happy to be able to use my yellow napkin rings, which were a gift from Maria.  She bought them for me ages ago to match this yellow napkin holder that I bought in Miami on a trip to visit Crissy.  I’ve never had an occasion to use them before, but they were PERFECT for the tea party.  Later, on Friday evening, I was making thumbprint cookies, a recipe from Mrs. Jeanette.  And when it got time to fill the cookies with jelly, I used grape jelly from my sister-in-law, Kim, and guava paste from Alex’s friend, Carmen.  The teapot is mom’s (or was, rather, since I suppose it’s not ever going back to her), and the two tiered tray was inspired by Pinterest, and happened because Erin and I were so excited by the idea and exchanged ideas and bounced ideas off of each other.  It was such a little gathering, but it reminded me that the things we surround ourselves with are a reflection of our whole selves and the people we hold close to us. . .