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Libraries Have a Lasting Effect

8 Sep

So, at the library, we had a tea party for adults.  I enjoyed it, and decided to have my own tea party.  I showed mom the pictures, and she decided to have her own tea party.  I was looking for a second creamer, for her tea party, and came across a lovely chair to reupholster.  So, I went to the library to check out books to learn upholstery. . . and so the circle of library life continues.

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The Three Weekend Quilt

1 Sep

This should have been another weekend quilt, but circumstances and laziness turned it into a three weekend quilt.  What can I say?  I, um, lost my rotary cutter, hence the large bits of fabric.  I planned a real pattern, but then when I was cutting out the pieces, that all went to hell. . . but it’s fun, and it’s made from vintage sheets, and yeah, it’s another quilt, done.

Weekend Quilt IMGP9594 IMGP9595