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Hark the Herald Angels Sing

28 Nov

Just a couple of random photos. I’m trying to do better about posting! Can I blame not posting on the fact that I’ve spent the last few months working as a human factory in my spare time? Producing advent calendars for a multitude of siblings??

Advent Calendar Angels

And guess who got an unnecessary but fun free pair of glasses from  They are so fun, and awesome.  I can’t say enough about how easy it was to order them, how quickly I received them in the mail and how well they fit. Eventually, I suppose I’ll need to get over this vintage style in eyewear, but if I bought three pairs of eyeglasses this year, and only two are ridiculous and costume-y, then I guess I’m doing okay.


Daddy’s Girl. . .

27 Nov

I am a girl after my dad’s own heart.  When it was time to put up the plastic Christmas tree?  Yep, I aired it out first!  Because that makes ALL the difference.

Airing out the Christmas tree

And some random photos from my weekend of Christmas decorating. . .

IMGP9831 IMGP9832 IMGP9833 IMGP9834 IMGP9835 IMGP9836 IMGP9838