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Christmas 2013- A Two Day Tour of the State

29 Dec

Around the table

around the table again

Chips before lunch

Claire and her boys


Kelly and friends

Kim and Mary Ella

pile the boys on

the big girls and Noah

Tisha and Guillermo

me and mike


Home for the Holidays

16 Dec

It’s ridiculous how things in December always seem MORE because of Christmas. . . Whether it’s something good, or something bad, it’s just more so because there’s a plastic tree in the room covered in colored lights and stockings hanging over the fireplace.

ironing in December

Today I learned . . .

5 Dec

That I can’t do free motion Gallifreyan. . . good to know. . .

the doctor

Also, here are some cute photos from Thanksgiving in Egan. . .
Geneice and Noah


Victoria and Nanny