Still not baby pictures . . .

5 Feb

I may or may not have mentioned it, but we’re hoping to become foster parents. So far, we’ve only been to an orientation, but I decided to start clearing up the craft room and getting it ready for a child of indeterminate age and gender. Getting a bedroom ready for a foster child is such a challenge that people don’t discuss often enough. I could have used some helpful blog posts, but there are so few out there, so I’m posting pictures of what I’ve done so far and what changes I end up making.

Things are always worse before they’re better, right??


Things really are just starting to come together, and the furniture will probably be rearranged, but I started out by gathering toys from around the house and putting them all in one place.  The bookshelf also has a few of the picture books that I’ve collected.  I’m sure that before long, it will be full of books, and the toys and knick knacks will go somewhere else.


Look!  I painted a cow picture!  Isn’t it fun??  And the picture frames were all painted a fun aqua color.  Geez, but I could stand to do some photo editing.  The main colors in the room are all going to be shades of green, yellow and aqua.  I’m waiting to buy sheets once we have a kiddo.  If they’re old enough, to have a favorite character or whatever, I’ll let them pick out their own sheets.


And here’s a poor picture of a poster that I designed with the cow jumping over the moon.  Do you notice a theme?


And here’s another random photo of the bookshelf.  Like I mentioned, I still have tons of projects, include upholstering the desk chair, but the room is so much cleaner and has plenty of space to play now.  I’m really wishing that I had arranged it like this years ago when it was my craft room.



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