A Quiet Day

16 Feb

I knew that yesterday was going to be a quiet day, just bumming around the house, but I decided to take pictures anyway.  It seems like I never grab my camera anymore. . . so here’s a chronicle of a really slow, lazy, sort of Saturday. . . which started, of course, with a trip to the library!



Frozen plants. . .IMGP0086


I decided that the weather was beautiful, and I was  ready for Spring!  So I opened the door.  That was maybe a little premature.IMGP0088


Huddled up in the extra room, writing a real letter.  Maybe today, I’ll write a novel. IMGP0092











Cupcakes!  Frosting is overrated, right?  IMGP0103


I finished the day watching the latest version of The Great Gatsby.  I had been curious. . . but so wary, and honestly still sort of burnt out on the novel.  I don’t know how many times I’ve read it or written about it or discussed it. . . but, afterwards, I felt compelled to haul out my thesis and reread it.  I don’t know how I managed to write over 40 pages on Fitzgerald, his novels, and his depiction of women without mentioning Zelda or her influence on those novels a single time, but I did.  Of course, including her would have lengthened that tome considerably, and it’s long enough as is!



One Response to “A Quiet Day”

  1. Sara Fontenot April 9, 2014 at 3:13 am #

    F Scott Fitzgeraldd (and Zelda) are buried in a cemetery by my high school in Maryland…FYI….thought you might find that an irrelevant interesting tid bit

    ❤ Aunt Sara

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