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Some days, the light is just beautiful

30 Mar

On bread, on old quilts, things just seem ethereal today.




More Awesome Than Awesome

30 Mar

What’s more awesome than finishing a craft project?  Running into a family member when you’re visiting the THIRD craft store of the day looking for that final bit that you needed.  Yay for bumping into Aunt Sara and her sister today!

Also awesome. . . when your finished project happens to match your mannequin!

Also awesome . . . when the braided twine (from bales of hay) that Uncle Kenneth has handed down happens to match the mannequin too!

Don’t those grommets look AMAZING?



What started out as a pretty hideous sketch turned into a decent purse.  I’m going to use it for a while, then will probably tweak it some and create a tutorial, complete with measurements!  I’ve never done a pattern and tutorial before, so that’s exciting. . .

And now for some random pictures from my garden.  I’d like to point out that there ARE flowers under my weeds!






Caffeine is a drug.

26 Mar

I’m not sure if this as pretty as I thought it was at the time, or if my brain was just happy to know that I was about to consume caffeine.

instant coffee

Tea Leaves

24 Mar

So, I tried to read my tea leaves last night, and all I could see was a snowman.  I guess I really do need that OCD (Obsessive Christmas Disorder) shirt that I saw the other day. . .  Do you see him??



Also, today, I’m experimenting in the kitchen.  This should be fun.


Random Sunday Projects

23 Mar

Sitting around this afternoon, I randomly decided to sew a purse.  Of course, I couldn’t find any tutorials online that were exactly what I wanted, so I drew out my own plans and created a pattern.  Knowing that nothing I sew ever turns out like it’s supposed to, I decided to raid my fabric stash and cut out a test purse before I buy fun and funky fabrics.  I ended up finding two coordinating fabrics that I like okay, though!  It’s so weird when you realize that junk (aka your fabric stash) can turn into something useful. . .  I haven’t actually sewn anything yet, but I’m thinking that this might actually turn out okay. . .  It’s a good thing that drawing ability is not really required when sewing!