Thrift Shop . . . Before and After

17 Mar

I don’t know about you, but I love looking at Thrift Shop furniture makeovers.  This one was a while in the making, but I knew that it was coming. . . At work, last October, Mary and I reupholstered a couple of task chairs for the temporary tattoo booth at our fall carnival.  I knew right away that I wanted to redo a chair for my sewing room.  Nearly 6 months have passed, and I’ve decided that that sewing room is going to eventually be a kids room. . . and so I decided that a slipcover might be a little more appropriate.  It’s not perfect, but I think that it came out okay!  Here’s the before, a green desk chair that I bought for four dollars, only I didn’t have cash on me, and the store only took cash, so mom bought it for me for four dollars. . . Green Chair Before

I feel the need to point out the fact that I don’t have anything against olive green vinyl.  My favorite rocking chair, from my grandma’s house matches this chair’s before picture. . . but, the whole point in buying a chair was to cover it with fun fabric. . .  It took me forever to buy the fabric that I wanted, but I was being picky (and cheap).  I’ve kept it in mind when I visit thrift shops.  I knew that I wanted a fairly heavy duty fabric in a bright fabric, and I finally found it.  This used to be a curtain – purchased for $1.50.  So, all told, this chair, made over, cost less than $6.00.  If you count the fact that Mom paid for the chair because I’m a bum, I got this chair for less than $2!


The awesome thing about these old chairs is that they’re so comfortable!  This is so much more comfortable than my desk chair that I use at work now.


Zippy the Zebra likes it too!  I also am very proud that after owning my tool kit for over 15 years, I finally had a use for these things!


Since I’m posting anyhow, here is a gratuitous picture from my last visit to Crowley. . .  It’s not a party until there are umbrellas in your hair.




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