Quilting Again

22 Mar

So, it should be no surprise if you’ve noticed Kim’s Facebook post that I’m working on another baby quilt.  Officially, we have no clue yet if this is going to be a little boy or a little girl. . . but I’m betting that this little pink quilt will not go to waste.




Here’s a close up of my favorite detail!


And the view from my sofa. . . I’ve had a blast bumming around inside today, relaxing, sewing and baking cookies.  I might even try a batch of home made corn chips tonight.


Obviously, the quilt isn’t finished, but I’ve decided that I would like to applique my future niece’s initial on the front.  So. . . everything’s on hold until we know for sure that it’s a girl, and they come up with a name.  If I get impatient, I may skip that idea, but I’m really attached to the notion for some reason.  Oh, also, did you notice the striped fabric?  I love using scraps to make quilts!  That’s leftover from the chair that I covered last weekend.  The rest of the fabrics are vintage sheets that I’ve used in other quilt projects.


2 Responses to “Quilting Again”

  1. wombatquilts March 23, 2014 at 3:35 am #

    This top is so pretty… and I am with you on the darling detail.

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